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Dark Moon Rising Workshop


Dark Moon Rising Workshop

A journey using plant allies to explore feminine archetypes through ceremony, meditation, song and art

Drawing from the myths of the ancient Goddesses (Ceres, Demeter, Pallas, Athena, Vesta, and Lilith) we will explore how archetypal feminine energies play out in our lives. Each of us is on a path of living and working from a familiar archetypal energy. Some archetypal energies are easy to express and come naturally while others can seem more foreign and uncomfortable.  Usually those archetypes that are harder for us to express are un-integrated aspects of ourselves. This workshop will help you use plant teacher extracts like nettles, hawthorn, pong lily to name a few to explore your relationship with your wild feminine. 

We will also use journaling, ceremony and photography to help integrate those aspects of the archetypes that need to be reclaimed and re-integrated. At the end of the weekend you will have an opportunity to have a portrait by Holly Wilmeth, embodying your wild feminine.


  • Lunch
  • a 20 minute Skype consultation to talk about where these energies play out in your astrological chart
  • a portrait by Holly Wilmeth, embodying your wild feminine


$350 ($300 early bird before August 1)

Kathryn Kloos is a naturopath, ceremonialist and astrologer who currently has a women’s healthcare practice in Portland Oregon.  She thrives on helping women heal and reclaim their health, power, joy and love.

Holly Wilmeth lives in Mexico but comes to Oregon for the summers. Her work has been featured internationally and she is now working on projects related to the divine feminine, sacred present, flowers and plants. ( / @hollywilmeth)

Huge gratitude to Emily Balivet for allowing us to use her beautiful goddess illustration! ( / etsy)


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