re-weaving of your whole and vital self

Are you suffering from PMS, pelvic pain, hormonal imbalance? Are you wanting to feel healthy and vital in your body? Are you wanting to break free of self-limiting thoughts and emotional patterns that keep  you limited?

As a doctor with a decade of experience helping women find their vitality, I have no interest in “fixing” you. I know that your body knows how to heal, and I want to help you awaken to the wise healer within. I want to hear your story and collaborate with you to find ways to restore and support balance in your body and in your life. I want to help you identify the broken threads in the fabric of your being and support the re-weaving of your whole and vital self.


Naturopathic Women’s Health
As a naturopathic women’s health care provider, I can provide individualize treatment plans using a wide range of modalities to treat all of your women's health care needs.

You lead a busy life or live in an area where quality naturopathic women’s health is unavailable. With the magic of today’s technologies I can provide the support that you need to stay healthy and vibrant.

Pelvic Floor Therapy
Whether you are experiencing incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, painful intercourse or issues around intimacy, pelvic floor work can bring strength when needed or bring release when indicated.

Uterine Myofascial Release
Myofascial uterine massage increases fertility, decreases painful menstruation, and improves the overall health of the reproductive organs and pelvic region.

Classes and workshops


"One of the kindest, gentlest, knowledgable doctors I have ever been to. Kathryn is a true 360-degree healer. She doesn't just treat symptoms she gets to the root cause and finds amazing solutions. To say she is a healer is an understatement. I feel so blessed to have such a knowledgable, flexible, open and progressive doctor on my team. She had treated me for everything from heartburn to chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain to depression and digestive issues.”

“Kathryn is absolutely amazing- an intuitive, warm, gifted naturopathic magical shaman healer! She has been my naturopath for a year now and I really look forward to seeing her every time I come in. (I never knew I could look forward to going to a Dr!) She holds space, is an empathetic listener and offers support and wisdom and has helped me process and work through some very old wounding in such a graceful way. I am so grateful she is doing this work!”

“I am so happy i found dr. kloos! she is warm, friendly, and very validating. she made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable. i had been wondering about my inability to conceive for 7 cycles of trying, and she discovered right away that my uterus was retroflexed. 2 Mayan Abdominal Massage treatments later, i was pregnant! i completely credit this pregnancy to dr. kloos putting my uterus back in her proper location. i whole heartedly recommend Mayan Abdominal Massage and dr. kloos's naturopathic approach to medicine to any woman who wants to take charge of her health in a more natural, noninvasive way that supports total health.”

Commit to Your Healing

As my patient you will leave feeling seen and inspired to make lasting change in your life. By aligning your body and mind you will be able to let go of limiting beliefs and stuck emotional patterns to free up your vital life which will lead to a more whole, empowered you.